Websites I maintain: Onyx And Breezy Foundation PetResQ Inc Animal Rescue/Shelter Professional Pet Pal (Iam making this totally from scratch using Dreamweaver templates and library items with CSS)
Websites my students support: NJ SPAN's Transition to Adulthood Portable CD Project (I did the javascript menu system and sound frame system for this) R U Next? A vaccination awareness site. (I co-generated the really gross flash animation in the beginning)
Places you can find me on the web: NJIT Medibotics My Classes offered at Dwight Morrow Academies @ Englewood Children's Aid and Family Services Mentoring
Ajax testing
Calculate Weighted Excel Equation
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Various resources that I use while teaching Technology at the Academies@Englewood


Creating a Web-based survey

You can download an Excel Spreadsheet that creates single web documents that generate surveys here.

Requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or better.

Making a brochure

Follow the link below to view the powerpoint used in the 'Making a Brochure' lesson:

How to make a brochure

Alternate Route Click here to view Mr. Sherry's Alternate Route Technology Sharing
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Habitat for Humanity

HTML Resources

Using Javascript to check forms before (or instead of) submitting

Our Dog Sydney, dressed for work